Scholarships for nurses going back to school

Top five scholarships/grants for nurses returning to school and how to enroll

Nurses that have decided to return to school actually know how additional education increases their knowledge and job opportunities. They can learn more about their respective field and enhance their skills. Moreover, by returning to school, you can have meetings and group work with your colleagues that help you in gathering more information regarding your career.

Top five scholarships for nurses returning to school:

America has sponsored 2011 back to school private scholarship programs for current nurses. The aim behind these scholarships is to meet high-level education challenges. Top five programs are as follows.

1. RN to BSN programs:
This program is the best program for rewarding nursing specialist as it opens up multiple options for job. Features of RN to BSN are as under

  • Program is fully associated by national nursing commissions namely NLNAC and CCNW.
  • It will give you the ability to shift in all general electives. 133 credits are required from 180.
  • Special tuition plans are available.
  • It is online program and you can take 12 or even more credits on one course.

To apply for this program you need to complete nursing pre-requisite courses and then apply online. Complete RN to BSN application form and get registered. The cost for this program is between $20000 to $30000.

2. Masters in Nursing:
It includes all nationally accredited programs and there are more than 2,200 masters degree programs that are provided by about 500 schools. Programs that are commonly chosen are Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), Master of Nursing (MN), RN to MSN, RN to MSN Bridge, Master of Arts in Nursing (MA), RN to MSN Pathway, Direct Entry MSN and Dual Degrees. The cost for this program varies depending on the university and subject. Generally, it ranges from $7000 to $52000.

To make enrollment in this program, follow the below guidelines

  • Open the given link: and select any university that suits you.
  • Fill out the request information form by giving your personal and nursing educational record.
  • After few days, you will get application materials according to your specific requirement.

3. Doctorate in nursing:
Various schools offer PHD or DNP programs. $50,000 is maximum cost for doctorate in nursing certification. Both programs are different from each other as

  • PHD is based on research and preparation of nursing faculty
  • DNP focuses on advanced practice nursing to be a clinical leader.
  • Most of the programs require a registered nurse in order to make enrollment.
  • ¬† Duration of complete program is 18 months.

4. Accelerated second degree BSN

  • It is a full time commitment program and gives you non-nursing classes that you already cleared in your college.
  • After completing these classes, nursing clinical and theory classes will start for registered nurses.
  • Average duration for this program is about 15 months with $30000 to $40000 fee.

5. Direct Entry MSN program

  • The program format is almost similar to Accelerated BSN program.
  • You will have to complete the BSN degree requirement and then enroll into specialized course in order to complete the MSN degree.
  • The full time program is for 2 years with the cost of $15000.

6. The Elaine Wendt Doctor of Nursing Practice Scholarship

contact Kimera Way, Foundation executive director at UW-Eau Claire Foundation, at for more details.

View complete list of scholarships for nurses here.


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