Nursing scholarships in Cincinnati, Ohio

Top 5 nursing scholarships for Cincinnati, OH nursing students

Are looking to head off to college in Cincinnati, OH and want to get into their nursing programs? There are wonderful benefits for being in the medical field, and because it is a field that helps people, medical foundations and trusts are just itching to give you cash. If you’ve kept a high GPA, you could be eligible for thousands in tuition assistance and grants. The cost of education could be extremely high, but with help, you can achieve your dreams and not have to pay off those school loans for the next few decades. We are going to take an in depth look at the top 5 scholarships for nursing students in Cincinnati, OH.

List of top scholarships in Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, West Chester, Cleveland, Fairfield – Ohio:

#1. The Rose Hook Scholarship Fund – This scholarship was created to commemorate a nurse who once served on the InterAct of Change board. This scholarship is complex, and could pay a full ride, or just a few hundred dollars. The best thing you can do is fill out the application about 6 months before the next semester, and brag about all your accomplishments.

#2. The Laura Rosanagle Memorial Scholarship – This scholarship would go to a nursing major with either a BS or a BA, as well as being enrolled in an MSN degree program.

#3. The Ida W. Casey Program – this is a high paying scholarship that is awarded to nursing majors who are working towards their BS with consistently high GPA’s.

#4. The Anna M. Drake Scholarship – This scholarship will be awarded to nursing majors who are in accredited programs and are receiving either an associate or baccalaureate nursing degree.

#5. The Clinton and Blanche Harden Scholarship – This program will assist nursing majors who are currently involved in ASN, BSN, or LPN nursing programs.

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