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List Of Fortune 500 Companies And The Name Of Their Scholarships

These days getting education is not a cheap affair. This is the reason why students go all the way in getting scholarships so that they can meet their financial needs. To lend a helping hand to the students more and more companies and organizations are coming up. A number of large scale companies are taking interest in providing financial assistance to the deserving students on the basis of their merit and financial need. As a matter of fact there are many Fortune 500 Companies that are offering the students with academic scholarships for promoting higher education. The agenda of these companies is to not only to help the students in overcoming their economic difficulties but also to promote their business to the people.

Some of the top Fortune 500 Companies that provide scholarships and grants to the student who are in need include the Wal-Mart Stores, General Electric, General motors, Bank of America Corp., Ford Motor, AT&T, .P. Morgan Chase & Co., Microsoft Corporation, etc. These corporations employ thousands of people all over the country. This implies that the scholarships awarded by these organizations can be made available to wide variety of students which leads to stiff neck competition. Just like any other scholarship, it is more difficult for a person to win a scholarship if there are many students contesting for it. But the positives side is that the scholarship amount that is offered by the Fortune 500 Companies is much higher than what is offered by the smaller foundations.

One of the most well known organizations, Wal-Mart has a range of scholarships for the students from different communities. It offers the Sam Walton Community Scholarships and Walmart Dependent Scholarship for providing the students a way to meet their established goals. This company also offers paid internships.

Coca-Cola which is known as the top notch refreshments manufacturing company has been more than generous with its scholarships for the students who intend to finish four-year study programs in accredited colleges and universities. For being selected for the Coca Cola Scholarship Foundation student have to undergo a comprehensive selection process. This foundation offers $20,000 to 50 students around the country and $10,000 to 200 students in the regional level. There are certain requirements set by the foundation that has to be met by a student to qualify for the award.

Another established Fortune 500 Company that is known for providing funds for students attending Military Academies and Degree programs is the AT&T. The AT&T Foundation scholarships are offered to students of Hispanic heritage and minorities. The aim of the organization is to help in diversifying the IT field.

Apple Inc. is not to be left behind when it comes to lending a helping hand to the creative and intelligent individuals for fulfilling their dreams. This corporate giant acts as a big academic sponsor and assist the students in becoming professionals of the corporate world. It offers $2,000 cash which the student can utilize for paying their college fees. Apart from the monetary help it also lavishes the deserving students with an iPod Nano, and an Apple laptop.

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. offers two diverse scholarships- Louisiana Smart Start Program and the Thomas G. Labrecque Smart Start Scholarship Program. These scholarships are meant for the New York graduating students and the African American students who reside in Louisiana. With the aid of these grants offered by the corporation the students can make their way through their colleges without any financial difficulty.

What are the requirements for availing the Fortune 500 Companies scholarships?
Different scholarship programs have different set requirements. The requirement that a student has to meet depends on the scholarship program that they are applying for. If a scholarship is merit based then the scholarship candidates must have the minimum GPA or a high school diploma. Some of the scholarships make it mandatory for the student to have good academic credentials whereas some programs give moiré focus on extracurricular activities and community services. However one criteria that is common for all is that the students applying for the scholarship must be enrolled with an accredited college or university.

How can a student apply for a scholarship?
It is a truth that students must posses some qualities in order to qualify for a scholarship. The Fortune 5oo companies do not dole out financial aid to juts anybody. They make sure that the scholarship amount is only granted to the students who truly deserve the award. This is the reason why students have to face tough competition to prove their eligibility for the scholarship. One way to access a scholarship is by getting enrolled with community groups and participating in extracurricular activities. There are many scholarship providers who have an eye for the students who are active in the society.

The list of the Fortune 500 companies of USA that offer scholarships and grants have been given below:
1. Wal-Mart Stores
2. Exxon Mobil
3. Chevron
4. ConocoPhillips
5. Fannie Mae
6. General Electric
7. Berkshire Hathaway
8. General Motors
9. Bank of America Corp.
10. Ford Motor
11. Hewlett-Packard
12. AT&T
13. J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
14. Citigroup
15. McKesson
16. Verizon Communications
17. American International Group
18. International Business Machines
19. Cardinal Health
20. Freddie Mac
21. CVS Caremark
22. UnitedHealth Group
23. Wells Fargo
24. Valero Energy
25. Kroger
26. Procter & Gamble
27. AmerisourceBergen
28. Costco Wholesale
29. Marathon Oil
30. Home Depot
31. Pfizer
32. Walgreen
33. Target
34. Medco Health Solutions
35. Apple
36. Boeing
37. State Farm Insurance Cos.
38. Microsoft Corporation-
39. Archer Daniels Midland
40. Johnson & Johnson
41. Dell Corporation-
42. WellPoint
43. PepsiCo
44. United Technologies
45. Dow Chemical
46. MetLife
47. Best Buy
48. United Parcel Service
49. Kraft Foods
50. Lowe’s
51. INTL FCStone
52. Lockheed Martin
53. Merck
54. Goldman Sachs Group
55. Express Scripts
56. Intel
57. Sears Holdings
58. Caterpillar
59. Chrysler Group
60. Safeway
61. Supervalu
62. Cisco Systems
63. Morgan Stanley
64. Prudential Financial
65. Walt Disney
66. Comcast
67. Sysco
68. Sunoco
69. Abbott Laboratories
70. Coca-Cola
71. New York Life Insurance
72. Northrop Grumman
73. FedEx
74. Hess
75. Ingram Micro
76. Johnson Controls
77. Aetna
79. Humana
80. Enterprise Products Partners
81. Honeywell International
82. Liberty Mutual Insurance Group
83. News Corp.
84. DuPont
85. Sprint Nextel
86. General Dynamics
88. Delta Air Lines
89. Allstate
90. HCA Holdings
91. American Express
92. Google
93. Tyson Foods
94. Philip Morris International
95. Time Warner
96. Oracle
97. 3M
98. Deere
99. Plains All American Pipeline
100. Rite Aid

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