Scholarships for black women

Top 5 nursing scholarships for black female students

Nursing scholarships for black women are available from a number of agencies, programs, institutions and foundations. All of these scholarships have the major target to assist black women in their pursuit for higher nursing education. With the aid of these graduate scholarships for black women are able to get degrees in programs where they are generally under-represented like nursing.

The following are the top 5 nursing scholarships for black women:

  • 1. The National Black Nurses Associations or the NBNA: The NBNA awards scholarships, grants and fellowships to black women who have an interest to pursue nursing as a career or profession. This association has a number of scholarships available for black women in the field. Those black women who are presently enrolled in a 4 year nursing program can also apply for the yearly scholarships that are offered by the Association.
  • 2. The National Black Nurses Association Lawrence Samos Scholarship: This scholarship is intended for undergraduate black women who are seeking for a career in the nursing profession. The amount of the scholarship differs and the number of scholarships that are awarded also varies. The deadline for this scholarship is April 15th. It is mandatory that the applicant should be Black. The applicant can major in nursing and occupational therapy with this scholarship.
  • 3. The National Black Nurses Association Ambi-Kiwi Scholarship: Like the above this scholarship is also intended for undergraduate black women. The amount and the number of scholarships that are awarded vary and the deadline for the scholarship is April 15th. The applicant has the option to major in nursing and requires being Black in order to receive the scholarship.
  • 4. The Congressional Black Caucus Spouses Scholarships: This Group has many scholarship funds that have been established by the spouses of the members of the Congressional Black Caucus. The objective of the scholarships is to award them to talented students who aspire to pursue undergraduate, graduate, full-time and doctorate degrees. Most of the scholarships that are available are aimed at medicine and its associated areas, performing arts, engineering and visual arts. This scholarship is solely targeted at black women who are interested in any one of the above fields.
  • 5. The AORN Foundation Scholarship: The AORN is a professional organization of registered nurses who have the mission to support other registered nurses in the field of achieving optimal results for patients who are undergoing invasive procedures and operations. This scholarship provides financial assistance and support to those students who are enrolled in nursing schools and preoperative nurses pursuing their bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees.

There is a critical shortage of nurses in the nation and many black women cannot afford the cost of higher education. This is the reason why the AORN Foundation Board of Trustees knows that it is of prime importance to fund scholarships for students who are pursuing careers in nursing. The above is also applicable for professional nurses who aspire to advance their careers further too. Nursing students are encouraged to apply for these scholarships because it is a privilege to be a scholarship award recipient.

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