Forensic nursing

What Is Forensic Nursing and What Is A Forensic Nurse?

A forensic nurse is a nursing professional who has specialized training in the field of the collection of forensic evidence, legal testimony, criminal procedures and more. This nursing expert becomes a liaison between the criminal justice system and the medical profession. This field helps to combine the medical training of a nurse with the investigative prowess of detectives and the legal training of a lawyer. In short, this type of nursing professional becomes a formidable enemy for criminals.

Forensic nurses cater to the needs of victims and the perpetrators of a death or trauma that has taken place because of criminal acts and traumatic events. The forensic nurses are professionals who assist with their patient’s emotional and physical recovery with the added responsibility of collecting and recognizing evidence in the treatment of patient wounds. This makes their job a crucial and delicate one to a very large extent.

Forensic Nursing Requirements

Nursing professionals have the option to become a forensic nurse after they become a Registered Nurse. This can be done via a two year or a four year program. The 4 year program is a more competitive program that leads to enhanced credibility as a witness at any trial and it also makes the nurse eligible to apply for a Master’s degree program in the field.

Individuals who have a college degree in another associated subject like criminal science and who desire to become a forensic nursing professional has the option of making an application to any accredited accelerated course. This course is one that award the forensic nursing candidate a 4 year degree in nursing in one year. There are some that are joined with the Master’s Program that allows a candidate who has no degree in nursing to further graduate with a master’s degree in the field for three years.

How To Get Forensic Nursing Certification?

In the USA today the Forensic Nursing Certification Board or the FNCB provides two professional credentials to candidates. They are the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner – Adult/Adolescent (SANE A) and the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner- Pediatric (SANE P). Both SANE A and SANE P are earned credentials that are recognized as the highest standards of forensic nursing in the USA for sexual assault. Nurses get the certification after they meet the eligibility requirements and also pass the Examination for certification. The certificate also requires to be renewed and this can be done via documented education that has continued for over three years. There are online certification courses that the candidate can go in for as well.

These online certification programs in the nation have been specially designed for registered nurses who are interested to combine their specialized legal knowledge and clinical experience that has been acquired. The objective of this online certification program is to provide the nurse with skills to evaluate, analyze and provide informed views and opinions that relate to health care delivery and its resulting outcomes in the industry.

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