Male and female nurses in Ireland

Ireland interesting facts

Ireland is province situated in the east region of Great Britain, which is situated in separate place near the Irish Sea. The particular island is separated between two parts the Republic of Ireland which generally covers the five-sixths of the entire island. And the Northern Ireland is considered as the part of the United Kingdom which mostly covers the remainder and is particularly located in the northeastern part of the island. Ireland has the population of approximate 6.2 million people which is considerably divided into two parts where 4.5 million who lives in the Republic of Ireland region and 1.8 million live in the Northern Ireland region.

Life expectancy in Ireland

The general life expectancy of male are considered as 73 Years Female 78.6 Years. Due the longer life expectancy, total number of active Physicians are¬† about 11,000. However, Ireland also has shortage of registered nurses. The total number of Registered Nurse is near about 36,000. And only 7% of those RN’s are male registered nurses.

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