How to become a legal nurse consultant

what is a legal nurse consultant?

A legal nurse consultant is a nursing professional who has expertise in the medical and nursing field. This professional helps you in matters that are between judicial litigation and medical responsibilities. A legal nurse consultant is a nurse who has expertise in the nursing field. They help assist in matters that are medical related. Being a legal nurse consultant is a good way to expand your knowledge between medical and judicial litigation.

How to become a certified legal nurse consultant?

The first step that you need to undertake is to work as a registered nurse in specified RN jobs in the nation. There are options that are available to the candidate in the form of a two year Associate’s degree, a three year diploma that is a hospital based one, a bachelor’s degree of four years or a Master’s degree or Doctorate for landing a good job. The nurse requires to be licensed by the individual medical state boards before they start practice in their jobs. Once the candidate gets the license it is advised that he/she gains relevant work experience within the nursing roles and the specialties before accepting the job responsibilities of a legal nurse consultant.

The American Legal Nurse Consultant Certification Board or the ALNCCB is an autonomous entity that awards certification in the field of legal nurse consulting and it is also accredited by The American Board of Nursing Specialties or the ABNS. The credentials that are provided is the Legal Nurse Consultant Certified or the LNCC and the candidate must have a current, unrestricted and valid license as a Registered Nurse in the nation. The candidate also requires to have completed over five years of full time practice and needs to show evidence of 2000 hours of LNC work in the last three years immediately before the application for certification.

There is another body in the USA that provides certification for legal nurses and that is The American Association of Legal Consultants or the AALNC. The Legal Nurse Consultant Certification is provided by The American Association of Legal Consultants or the AALNC that was founded in the year 1989. This Association is a not for profit membership body that is dedicated for the growth of registered nurses and their professional enhancement in the healthcare and medical field. These two bodies are the main bodies of legal nurse consultant certification in the nation.

The candidates who are eligible for the Legal Nurse Consultant Certification are required to appear for a 4-hour examination that comprises of 200 multiple choice questions that test their knowledge and understanding of the Legal Nurse Consultant. Those candidates who are successful enjoy the right to add the above LNCC credentials after their names for a fixed period of 5 years.

The Legal Nurse Consultant candidate requires renewing the certification again by taking the qualifying examination or by compiling to sixty hours of specified acceptable activities like the continuance of education, presentations or publications to a peer audience of certain relevant subjects, course work in specified subjects and more associated aspects.

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