Best nursing schools in texas

Texas has many good and accredited nursing schools in the United States and this is why the demand to attend them is growing at a large pace. The healthcare profession is expanding in the state on a wide scale too. There are many aspiring students who are choosing the nursing profession as a lucrative and profitable career. In fact, the truth is that there are many nursing schools in Texas that actually have waiting lists for the two year Associate Nursing Degree Programs provided to students in the state.

The above may be discouraging news however the truth lies in the fact that the demand for skilled and qualified Licensed Vocational Nurses and Registered Nurses is so high that after the completion of the course getting a job is no hard task at all in the state.

Now the obvious question may arise that if there are so many nurses around why is the state facing a shortage of them? The answer lies in the recent growth of population in the state as well as the aging baby boom.

It has been witnessed that in the past years Texas has enjoyed a balanced and stable growing economy. Recently there is a side effect and that is due to the rise in population many people shifted to Texas to get jobs in the growing job market. Other reason for the shift is that the state has a state tax set-up that is a very favorable one. All these events subsequently led to the growing demand for nurses as there is a scarcity of nurses in the health care system prevailing in the state.

This means that Texas today is a place where you can begin your career as a nurse. There are many great opportunities that are available and the job prospects are bright. Potential nursing students face a bright future in the state and this is the reason why Texas is a widely sought after place for nursing schools.

It is not at all hard to find an accredited school in Texas as most colleges advertise their status on their online websites. You are able to check into the details of each college and school when you visit these sites.

In Texas you have the chance to choose some of the best nursing schools in the nation to cater to your nursing career goals. Before you enroll for a nursing career it is very important for you to know what kind of a nurse you would like to be. You have the option to be either a LVN or an RN. The following will provide you a brief insight on the two types of nurses available:

The Licensed Vocational Nurse or The LVN needs nine to twelve months of nursing education. The LVN nursing Program is one that does not give you a degree but it provides you with a certificate that you have completed the course. After the receipt of the certificate the candidate requires to pass the NCLEX-PN Examination before being qualified for the post of the LVN. It should be noted that Texas and California are the only states that refer to the LPN Nurse as the LVN Nurse. Other states call the LVN Nurse The Licensed Practical Nurse.

The Registered Nurse of the RN is a nursing professional that requires a two year Associate Degree In Nursing or a four year Bachelor’s Of Science in Nursing. The student after getting the degree requires passing the NCLEX-RN Examination before he/she becomes a qualified nurse to work in the state.

There are some specific educational requirements if you wish to become a nurse in Texas. The minimum educational requirement is that you must be at least a high school diploma or hold an equivalent GED. The second requirement in the state of Texas is that you need to pass the ACT or the SAT College Entrance Examination.

In the state of Texas there are over seventy accredited nursing schools in the state that you can choose from. They are located in prominent places like Brownsville, Austin, Denton and Lubbock. The main urban centers of the state also have reputed colleges like Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston etc.

Some Of The Best Nursing Schools In Texas Are Listed Below:
According to the last published US News & World Report of 2007, nine of the top 100 nursing schools of the USA were located in Texas. The names of these nursing schools are as follows:

1. The University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston
Location: 1300 Moursund Street, Houston, TX 77030. (832) 325-7181

2. Texas Christian University
Location: 2800 South University Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76129-0002. (817) 257-7000

3. Baylor University
Location: 1311 S. 5th St, Waco, TX 76706. (254) 710-1011

4. University of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston
Location: 301 University Boulevard, Galveston, TX 77555. (409) 772-1011

5. University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio
Location: 7703 Floyd Curl Dr, San Antonio, TX 78229. (210) 450-9890

6. University of Texas at Austin
Location: WCH 4.132, Inner Campus Dr. Austin, TX 78712-0587. (512) 471-3550

7. Texas Woman’s University
Location: 1600 North Bell Ave, Denton, TX 76209. (940) 898-2000

8. Baylor University
Location: 12230 Preston Road, Dallas. (972) 458-2327

9. University of Texas-Tyler
Location: 3900 University Boulevard Tyler, TX 75701-6699. (903) 566-7000

The cost of attending a nursing school in the state of Texas depends upon many factors. One of the most primary factors that will help you make your decision to is take a look at each nursing school individually. Compare the fees and the other expenses before you are able to make a decision. For those students who are in search of financial aid they will not be disappointed as there are a number of scholarships and grants that are available to them. In order to get more information on them, the student needs to check into the website of the college or visit them personally. In the process the student can understand the requirements and eligibility criteria for getting a nursing scholarship or award. Students from accredited colleges are mostly eligible for them in the USA.

After completion of the course the average salary for a nurse is very good. There are immense employment advancement opportunities and the career prospects are very bright as well. There is ample growth opportunities and the chance to work in the developing healthcare and medical units across the nation.

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