Arizona CNA certification renewal

Possessing a CNA license entitles the nurse to be a good and trained professional. That is it means that the person would be able to take care of all the situations that he confronts during his duty responsibilities. Thus he needs to have a CNA license. But there are certain steps that you need to take care of while you are renewing the license.

How to renew CNA license in Arizona

The validity period of the CNA license in Arizona is one year from the time it has been issued. You need to keep in mind that the license will be valid till the time you are able to provide proof of employment as a nurse who is getting monetary compensation along with you paying the small administrative fee as well. The renewal does not cost much as the fee is quite nominal, it is only $2.00, and this money is required for you to pay to keep yourself in the enrolled in the active nursing registry. If you are in the current list then you are required to pay a sum of $10 per year that is for the number of years you have remained inactive from the time of last licensure. The paper work is optional so there is no mandatory rule for carrying it out in this state. In case you opt for the hard copy of the license then you need to pay $50 for a laminated copy of the license. For further details you need to contact the state board of nursing in Arizona. Check out for further detailed information.

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