CNA certification renewal alabama

Renew CNA License In Alabama

For renewing a CNA license in Alabama, First you need to contact the state board of nursing registry. This contacting should be done with the help of the online site or email. The nurse aide registry renewal form should be filled up at this juncture.The first part of the form gives out the details of your personal information while the second deals with your professional life and it should be filled by your current or past health care employer who had put you to work.

In general the Alabama CNA certification is valid for two years from the date of its issuance. In case you are not on the current list then you need to pay certain amount of money and then get yourself back in the list. You are not required to pay any fees as long you are on the list but once your license expires and you are out of the list you need to get your name back by giving out the charge that is levied on you by the state board of nursing registry.

You can contact the Legal Department at the Alabama Board at 1-800-656-5318 for further details or check out

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