How to Get Free CNA Training And Certification In Rochester, NY

You find free CNA training in Rochester, NY if you are willing to do your homework. If you do not have the financial resources to afford the tuition that is required, there is a program operated through the Rochester Educational Center that you might be able to qualify for.

Follow these steps to obtain CNA class and certificate for free with Adult basic Education

1. First you must arrange for an interview with the Rochester Employment opportunity center, and talk to them about scheduling the Adult basic Education (TABE) and a physical exam.

2. You must present a high school diploma or GED and two reference letters from professionals advocating for your acceptance into this program.

3. After taking the TABE, you must have a minimum 7.5 grade reading level and a sixth grade math level , these results along with an assessment of your financial ability will allow you to be considered for free CNA training.

4. A physician’s statement of your health is also required for consideration of this free training program. The CNA program is eight weeks long and is designed to prepare you to take the New York State certification exam. Upon passing the NY state certification exam, the Rochester Employment opportunity center, will help you find employment.

Another option is to take CNA classes at Monroe Community College. There you have the option of availing yourself of a variety of financial aid packages and taking online as well as classroom instruction. If you want to investigate the possibility of getting tuition reimbursement from your future CNA employer, then your final out of pocket cost might be lower, if not free.

During your training program you will learn about human anatomy, how to do basic patient care tasks. There are classes on how to feed patients who cannot feed themselves, how to change medical dressings, palliative care, and in some programs laboratory procedures are taught as well.

Depending on where you work, the terminology of CNA, Patient Care technician (PCT), home health aide (HHA) and hospital nursing assistant are interchangeable. The training classes might also include such skills as phlebotomy and EKG administration. It is conceivable that you will find employment quickly upon completion of the training course, as there is a great need for trained CNA’s in the Rochester area. Even if you do not manage to find free CNA training, the costs might be reimbursed by your employer, once you get a CNA job. Employers need CNA’s who have passed the certification exam and basically the only way you will be able to pass it, is having had taken the training classes.

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