Prerequisites for bsn nursing

Know The Prerequisites For BSN Nursing

A nurse with a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) degree has good career opportunities compared to a RN nurse. It takes four years to complete this degree for a student who does not have any nursing experience but a RN can complete this course in a lesser amount of time. For those who want to enter a B.S.N. program it is required to have a high school diploma with a science background. They also need to have a good GPA to qualify for this program. Students with a non-nursing baccalaureate degree also have the option to apply for a B.S.N. program.

A BSN nursing student has to complete general education requirements that also include classes in the liberal arts and sciences. They get the experience of complete clinical work. They are made to work in a health care facility for a fixed number of hours every day to get trained practically. The BSN students are given an extensive knowledge of nursing theory and research which is helpful for them if they wish to study further. The BSN nurses have clinical, scientific, decision-making, and humanistic skills. These skills come in handy to them as they have to make quick decisions in case of emergencies and also handle extremely critical cases.

BSN nurses are trained to educate their patients on health care benefits and ways to adopt a healthy lifestyle. They also know how to read the danger signs and symptoms and provide medical care accordingly. They have the skill to master advanced technology and supervise other nursing staff. It is under the job responsibilities of a BSN nurse to provide complex aspects of daily care for the patients. They have to design a comprehensive plan of medical care that would be made available for the patient during his entire stay in the medical care facility. This includes nursing care starting from the admission of the patient in the hospital till his discharge. They supervise the assistant nurse and collaborate with patients and their family members along with any medical personnel involved in providing care to the patient. It is also the duty of a BSN nurse to teach the patients about coping with their medical conditions.

Most nurses opt for a BSN degree in nursing for the reason that it acts as a stepping stone to getting a MSN degree. Without getting a bachelor’s degree one can not get a master’s degree or to pursue any other advanced education. For any person who is aspiring to make a career in nursing preparing for the BSN degree is a wise decision because of the career benefits it offers.

The BSN degree improves the work experience of a nurse as it gives a broader knowledge that is required to perform certain job responsibilities. A BSN nurse has not only better career opportunities but is also paid more than a RN. However the actual salary would depend upon the nursing home or hospital in which they are working. These days almost all hospitals and medical care units are giving more preference for BSNs where as in the past a RN was hired for the job.

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