Army tuition assistance program

The Salient Features Of The Army Reserve Federal Tuition Assistance Continuing Education System Program

There are many programs and educational services that have been offered by the Army Reserve Federal Tuition Assistance Continuing Education System Program for self study and literacy at the workplace. These programs focus on the learning needs of soldiers who are located in remote areas like Haiti. The program is one that ensures that the military becomes knowledgeable and learned with the programs that have been developed in order to promote self improvement and learning. Even if soldiers are in remote locations there are ways via which they are able to make themselves more knowledgeable and educated.

The Army has been responsible for developing and implementing many educational services as well as programs for non-traditional students over fifty years. There are many general practices that have been accepted in the field of army education for both men and women. Some of these practices are the equivalency testing that includes the General Educational Development or the GED and the College Level Exam Program CLEP. There are also programs that provide credit for learning by experience, scheduling that is flexible and tuition assistance. The Army also has the main focus of maintaining the leadership skills of the soldiers through the courses that it generally provides to its soldiers. The army in providing education believes that it needs quality leaders who are able to learn to cater to the ever changing needs of technology. In the educational centers worldwide you will find that soldiers get guidance from professional counselors all over the world.

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