International nursing scholarships

Top 10 International Nursing Scholarships

Nursing scholarships are not unique to the United States. There are a lot of great programs there, but there also exist in other countries some very great medical programs as well. Other areas of study allow for exchange students. Medical students from other countries often come to the United States to study, but that is most often after completing an available degree program in their own country.

  1. The Erasmus Mundus Programme offers scholarships for students to study at partner universities throughout the European Union. These scholarships are generally open for anyone, but are most often offered to students from third world countries who wish to continue their education. Although this program is not only for nursing students, nursing students can apply for a scholarship at any educational level of their career, from pre-nursing all the way to post-graduate.
  2. The ORSAS (Overseas Research Student Awards Scheme) Programme was set up in 1979 to attract international graduate and post-graduate students who would then hopefully wish to continue their research in the United Kingdom. The ORSAS programme receives its funding from England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.
  3. The DAAD Scholarship Program offers students from other countries the chance to study in Germany. Regardless of your current educational level, as long as you are a student in good standing you will be able to apply to this program. More information is available on their website and offices.
  4. The Commonwealth Shared Scholarships are available to students from developing countries who may not otherwise have the chance to advance their education to this level. Currently these scholarships are only available for those pursuing Master’s degrees, but some of the Commonwealth educational programs are excellent and very prestigious.
  5. The Austrailian Development Scholarships offer students from other countries the chance to study in Australia. These scholarships are available for nearly every field of study, and every educational level. Students who wish to participate must first undergo an extensive screening and thorough training before being allowed to enter this program. These scholarships are generally full scholarships, meeting all reasonable expenses.
  6. The Ofid Scholarship is available to undergraduate students in third world countries that wish to continue their studies at any recognized university in the world that is relevant to their career choice. Students must be from a recognized third world country and be enrolled full time at an accredited university to apply for this award.
  7. The Fulbright Foreign Student Program offers student in other countries a chance to continue their education in the United States at the accredited institution of their choice. Fulbright awards are for students who are seeking Master’s degrees, or PhD’s. There will be more than 1800 new students next year who are Fulbright recipients.
  8. Gates-Cambridge Scholarships are full service scholarships offered to students in other countries who may wish to pursue higher education at the University Of Cambridge. These scholarships are offered to students who display intellectual merit, leadership skills, and also display a wish to use their education to better the human condition.
  9. The Malaysian International Scholarship For Postgraduate Studies was developed by the Malaysian government in an effort to facilitate the exchange of scholars, and knowledge between partner countries. Any member of any Commonwealth country can study in Malaysia. These scholarships are only available at the postgraduate level. Applicants must first have completed a relevant degree program before applying.
  10. The STINT Program is available to students who wish to continue their education in the country of Sweden. Applicants must have already completed a four year degree, and must be nominated by cooperating schools. The goal is to increase educational exchange and research between Sweden and other countries of the world. is also a good source to find more scholarships.

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