Types Of Nurse Practitioners

what types of nurse practitioners are there?

Nurse practitioners have received a Master’s degree in nursing studies as a registered nurse. They have also received special certifications by focusing their studies on one particular area of medicine. This is called specialization, and allows nurse practitioners to be able to offer more to the patients.

Nurse practitioners are in high demand because they specialize in a particular field of medicine. A nurse practitioner receives clinical training after completing the degree program required to become an RN. Once they become a registered nurse they can choose to specialize in one of many interesting fields of medicine. Some of these are acute care, pediatrics, psychiatric heath, and oncology.

When it comes to the field of acute care the nurse practitioner has to quickly learn to try to be everywhere at once. Acute care is one of the more fast paced fields of medicine. A registered nurse working in acute care has a variety of duties. They work closely with doctors and medical teams to provide immediate and short term care to patients suffering from acute or life threatening conditions.

A nurse practitioner in acute care may be called on to diagnose many different types of ailment. They may also be required to provide immediate treatment if there is no doctor present. This includes things like heart attacks, strokes, acute breathing problems and other conditions that may come on immediately and be dangerous to the patient.

Nursing practitioners who work in pediatrics say that there is no work more rewarding. In pediatrics they will be required to provide care to children in all settings, and in all conditions be it acute or preventative. In pediatrics the practitioner will perform examinations, tests, and checkups. A nursing practitioner who works in pediatrics is also closely involved with educating children and their families.

A nursing practitioner who specializes in pediatrics could find employment at a doctors office, or as part of the staff at a hospital’s emergency room. There is a severe shortage of registered nurses working in the field of pediatrics. It takes a lot of dedication and a willingness to help others to make it here.

Nursing practitioners who work in psychiatry work primarily with patients who are suffering from a mental or emotional illness. A nursing practitioner in this field takes additional classes and spends more time in clinical training that all occurs after employment is secured.

A nursing practitioner who works in psychiatry may easily find employment in many outpatient settings. There are also many positions available for a qualified nursing practitioner on the staff of almost every licensed medical facility out there. There is a severe shortage of qualified practitioners in this field of medicine.

A nurse practitioner who specializes in oncology often works in a hospital setting. Oncology is the study of patients afflicted with cancer. A nurse practitioner in this field often works with patients whose condition has reached a critical stage, or is chronically reappearing. They may be asked to administer medications and treatment regimens. They work closely with their patients families, and are involved in every aspect of patients treatment.

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