Why demand for CNA is increasing day by day

What is CNA or certified nursing assistant?

CNA, NA, nurse assistant and nursing assistant; all the terms have same meaning. CNA is a person that helps patients in dressing, feeding, and eating, walking, bathing and provides other healthcare services to the patient.

You can find CNA in all healthcare areas including hospitals, assistant living facilities, nursing homes, labs, doctor offices, clinic etc. CNAs are in high demand al over the world.

It is not that easy to become a nursing assistant. It is not a field for everyone and most of the healthcare facilities have been experiencing difficulties in selecting and then retaining the qualified staffing due to shortage of CNAs.

Demand for CNA:

Positions in healthcare and nursing professionals offer great wages and excellent benefits. According to US Department of Labor, the demand for CNA professionals is expected to double in the next five years. This is because:

  • There are more than 59 million 75 years or older Americans. Many of them senior citizens need help with everyday routine work.
  • Certified nursing assistants give primary care to patients in nursing home, hospitals or assistant living facilities.
  • Certified nursing assistants give proper care to patients throughout the day and aid them in every possible way.
  • CNAs are the ones who have direct and the most contact with the patients.
  • CNAs are aware of their patient’s needs and actions.
  • They understand the feelings of patients and help them undergo the mental, physical and emotional changes. They report in case of emergency and this is actually the key part of CNA’s job.

With the increase of population, CNAs are also in great demand throughout the whole world. Certified nursing assistant can get job in different healthcare areas like facilities, private or government hospitals, home care, clinic etc. according to a rough estimation, there are almost 1.4 million nursing aids currently employed in United States. It is also expected that CNA jobs will continue to grow in the coming years. United States is offering excellent jobs for them. Salary for CNA is different depending on jobs timings, experience and location.

How to become a CNA?
Below is a general and easy procedure to become a CNA:

  • To get CNA training, take CNA online classes where you can access chat rooms and videos to interact with the teachers and student mates.
  • Once the CNA training is completed, individuals are required top pass the CNA certification in their respective state.

There are CNA scholarships available to encourage more and more students to become CNA.

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