Scholarships for polish americans

Scholarships For The Polish American Student

Polish American scholarships
Polish American scholarships

Paying for college can become quite an expensive task. With the costs of just about everything going up, more students are turning to other financial aid sources to help them pay for college. Financial aid is available in grants, scholarships and loans. Loans are generally expensive when it comes time to pay them back. Grants are free for everyone, and offered mostly by the federal government.

There are scholarships available for a lot of different things. If you’re a tall person, there is a scholarship for that, if you’re left-handed, there is a scholarship for that. There are many different scholarship and grant opportunities available for students of Polish-American descent. Many of these scholarships and grants are offered through organizations around the world.

  • The Kosciuszko Foundations Scholarships are awarded each year to students of Polish-American heritage. Information regarding available grants can be obtained by writing the Grants department of the Kosciuszko Foundation, which is located in New York City.
  • The Adam Mickiewicz Foundation Scholarships are awarded yearly to students of Polish-American descent. Deadline is August 15th for applications to be considered. Student must be of Polish descent, and active in the affairs of either the home country, or the Polish community where they live. Applicants must submit two separate letters of recommendation, and demonstrate financial need. Applicants must be students of good standing to be considered.
  • Offered by the same organization, but in a separate category is the Professor Jan Karski Scholarship Fund. Requirements are the same for both scholarships, but each application is separate and must be filled out that way. This award is also for students of Polish-American descent who are studying in the United States.
  • The Tomaskiewicz-Florio Scholarships are available to undergraduate students of Polish-American descent. Application deadline is March 31st to be considered for the following academic year. Applicant must compose an essay on why they should be awarded this scholarship. This scholarship is only open to students with a 3.0 GPA or better. Two letters of reference are also required to complete this application. A complete financial work-up may also be required.
  • The American Council For Polish Culture offers a $2000 dollar scholarship to Polish-American students at the graduate level. Applicant must be recommended to the ACPC in order to be considered. Applicant may also consider joining ACPC or one of its affiliates. This scholarship is for one summer term per year, and must be reapplied for.

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