Education requirements for a registered nurse

If you are looking for a career in which you can make a distinct difference in the lives of people you work with, consider becoming a registered nurse. Nurses build relationships with students and invest in the caring aspect of medical treatment. If this sounds like something you could be good at, you might want to think about what are the educational requirements for a registered nurse.

In order to become a registered nurse, you will first need to attend and graduate from a college or university. Before you can qualify for nursing school, you will be required to have a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. Another option is attending a community or junior college and earning an associate’s degree in nursing. This is less common but also acceptable. There are different types of registered nurses, so you also have to choose where you are most comfortable.

Finally, you might get a nursing diploma. This option from an accredited nursing program is an alternative offered by many hospitals. Each of these educational possibilities requires a course load of various classes and hands-on clinical training supervised by qualified teachers and instructors.

After completing schooling, nurses must pass the National Council Licensure Examination. These boards are created to guarantee that a nurse is knowledgeable and ready to begin practicing. Registered nurses must re-take the boards regularly to keep their licenses up to date and ensure that they are continually fit to work in the medical field.

In addition to a degree and nursing license, some registered nurses go on to get certified. Those in advanced areas like nurse-midwives, nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, and clinical nurse specialists are often required to get certification. However, any nurse who desires to may also pursue becoming certified.

There are several steps to becoming the best registered nurse you can be. The education requirements for becoming a nurse may take time and effort, but they will enable you to have a career you love and can serve well in.

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