Radiology nursing

Radiology nurse job description

Radiology nursing is not the same thing as nursing. It differs in a variety of ways from the normal nursing procedures. Radiology is a medical branch that focuses on the study and application of a variety of imaging technologies to diagnose and treat many different conditions. Radiology nurses care for patients that go through a variety of radiation procedures such as magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasounds and radiation therapies.

Certified radiology nurse education

In fact, many radiology nurses specialize in a certain area such as radiation therapy, diagnostic radiology and chemotherapy. But the fact is that you cannot directly enroll in a program of radiology nursing. First of all, you have to obtain a graduation degree from an accredited school of nursing with a registered nursing degree. After that you have to enroll in a radiology specialty program for nurses. This may take an extra year of coursework after college in order to pass a certification test in radiology. Radiology nurses must complete regular continuing education to maintain their licenses and certifications and stay updated on the possible advancements in the field.

Radiology nurse salary

Job prospects for the radiology nurses are expected to be excellent professional certifications and extensive experience. The average annual salary of a radiology nurse is 56,000 dollars. The salary varies greatly depending on the location, employer, education and experience. Radiology nurses must have a solid understanding of radiology practices. Patience, determination and problem solving are essential skills in addition that they need. They also must have excellent communication and the ability to work as a part of a team. The future prospects of radiology nursing are very bright.

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