Trauma nurse certification

Trauma nurse certification course

Trauma nursing is a discipline which refers to the process and content of all the different roles, nurses have in care for the trauma patient. The purpose of the trauma nursing certification course is to present core level knowledge, refine skills and build a firm foundation in trauma nursing. This is a internationally recognized program for registered nurses.

Trauma nurse job description

The work of trauma nurse is mainly in the emergency rooms in the hospitals. Their work is to stabilize the patients so that they can get the necessary medical treatment. The trauma nurse’s actions are of critical importance because they work in a very risky situation where patients fight with their life or death condition.

The work hours in this profession is unpredictable and the nurses have to do a lot of standing works which results in a lot of stress. So the students opting for the trauma courses should have that much of patience and strong will power to do the work effectively.

Here are the steps you have to take to get enrolled in a trauma nurse certification course.

  • 1. A nursing degree is a basic foundation for pursuing a nursing certification. So you must need to get a nursing degree first. You can get a two year nursing degree from a community college and get the registered nurse credential; or you can get a four year nursing degree from a university and get the Bachelor of Science in nursing. Also, you can get a master of science in nursing. Make sure that your coursework includes subjects such as anatomy, physiology, nursing process, health promotion and risk reduction. A work experience in a practical field is very much important. So, try to acquire it.
  • 2. The national council licensure examination [NCLEX] exam is required for nursing licensure. If you pass this exam, you will become a licensed entry level nurse. So, apply to the nursing licensure board in the state where you want to practice. Upon approval of your application, you will be a licensed nurse.
  • 3. You can get practical experience in the field by working in an emergency hospital. In this setting, you will get a real experience while working with the patients and this is the most important thing, a student want to get. More over, students can continue their courses in addition to the practical work. In this way, you will get a good opportunity to put your learned skills and knowledge into action.
  • 4. You can seek formal certification relevant to trauma nursing. You can get the certified emergency nurse certification. The CEN certification exam is administrated by the Board of certification of emergency nursing. After you pass the exam and get the CEN certification, you will be certified for a four year term. The certification can be really helpful to you because it shows that you are qualified and knowledgeable about work in a trauma setting.
  • 5. You can get a masters degree in nursing. After getting the master’s degree, you will gain additional nursing skills and experience and it will enable you to have an added credential. You can pursue the master’s degree as classroom study or online also.

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