Scholarships for Dental Assistants

Dental assistant educational programs generally require a two years degree along with a certificate from a trade school. These programs spread over a time span of nine to twelve months. Naturally, students require financial aid. Such help is given in the form of loans, but the most beneficial is a scholarship since it does not have to be paid back.

Scholarships for Dental Assistants:

Here are the top five scholarships dental assistants can apply for

1. The ADEAGies education fellowship is given to educators in dental field for problems issued in this field. The applicant receives $10,000 for an overwhelming educational experience at Washington, D.C. Applicants are required to visit and complete their application online.

2. The Dental Trade Alliance Foundation (also known as DTAF) works for the promotion of oral healthiness in the US. They offer two scholarships worth $5,000 to the students of third or fourth year. The dean of the dental schools in US is required to nominate one student and submit the application at the dean’s office. You can read further details at

3. The Jeanne C. Sinkford Scholarship program was named after a highly esteemed and well-educated woman named Jeanne C. Skinford. Ms. Skinford played an important role for women in the dental field.  This scholarship of $15,000 is provided to women only.  The applicants are required to complete their application at

4. In memory of a famous scholar and researcher, Dr. Leonard Abrams, the Leonard Abrams scholarship is presented by the Alpha Omega Foundation. The receiver of this grant is given $20,000 for the program that spreads over a span of a year at the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) Leadership Institute. Applicants are required to complete their application at and specify that they are interested in Leonard Abrams Scholarship in the ADEA Leadership Institute.

5. Ranking on number five on the list of top dental assisting scholarships, this scholarship is awarded by the Colgate-Palmolive Company and ADEA. ADEA/Colgate-Palmolive Co. Excellence in Teaching Award is a distinguished award that is provided to exceptional dental teachers in order to enhance their skills and efforts. The applicant receives a sum of $2500. Applicants can visit for completing their application online.

For those who would want to go an extra mile in order to enhance their learning, these scholarships are quite helpful. Such grants are advantageous especially to those who cannot afford higher education, be it a student or a teacher of dentistry. Aid can also be provided in the form of loans, but then again, the sum of money has to be paid back hence making scholarships the most convenient source of help for those who want to make their career as dental assistants.

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Medical Assistant Scholarships

Is there really a ‘Top Grants And Scholarships for Medical Assistants’ list?

These days, there seems to be a ‘top 5’ list for just about everything. Sadly, when it comes to medical assisting scholarships, it isn’t so simple. Acquiring grants and scholarships isn’t like checking off a shopping list, as it tends to take much, much more work than the student usually intends. In fact, higher education advisors often tell aspiring students to look at grants and scholarships a lot like a job –the more time you put in, the more rewards you will reap. That said, there are still opportunities for medical assistant scholarships that are out in the open, ready for the taking.

The American Medical Technologists scholarship program can offer $500 per student; however, only 5 students per year will be awarded the funding. Also, the applicants must register by April 1st in order to qualify. The purpose of the AMT scholarship program is to help students that are in financial need in order to complete the necessary course requirements. Though $500 isn’t going to pay for much, it’s still worth a shot. Scholarships can really add up and make paying those student loans just that much easier.

The Maxine Williams Scholarship Fund can offer upwards of $1,000 per applicant. This program does have a bit more stringent requirements, as the student must maintain a 3.0 GPA after completing at least a semester. This particular program is administered by the American Association of Medical Assistants.

In addition to these scholarships, it’s always important to have Pell grants taken care of. Pell grants will only have financial need requirements to meet, as these grants are moneys that come from state and federal government, meaning that it will be easier to acquire than scholarships for medical assistant programs.

Make sure you have a combination of both when trying to lessen the sting of college loans.

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Scholarships And Grants For Physician Assistants

The TOP 5 Scholarships for Physician Assistants That You Must See

A common misconception about going into nursing or medical school is that you’ll have to take those loans on the chin and just dive in headfirst. Actually, this isn’t the case, as there have been quite a few folks who have had college largely paid for through scholarships and grants. These physician assistant scholarships and grants can be easily found on the Internet, so we’ve simply compiled the top 5 scholarships for physician assistants that you must see before you search any further.

#1. The National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program is a scholarship that was put in place for students who are in financial need. The nicest part about this particular scholarship is the face that it is not geographically bound from state to state, as it is a federally funded scholarship.

#2. The American Academy of Physician Assistants runs a scholarship program that can operate through state chapters, meaning that if the student is going to any college within the US to take programs to prepare to be a physician assistant, then that student is eligible. This particular physician assistant scholarship does not operate by using a set amount, but will rather pay to offset the overall cost of college.

#3. General scholarship funds from respective colleges are often overlooked as worthy sources of college cash. It is important that the student always checks with the college or university guidance office to see if there is any college funding available. The nice part about this is the fact that the geographical spread of that particular scholarship is a non-issue. The only requirements are usually demographically, financially, or performance-based.

#4. Pell grants can be extremely useful when trying to offset the cost of college through the use of federal moneys. In fact, Pell grants are the most common type of college grant, and the only requirements usually focus on the student’s financial situation and not based on merit. This makes these grants remarkably easily acquired.

#5. Workplace grants can offer some of the highest payouts, however, they are not always easily acquired. The amounts, requirements, geography, demographics, etc., are often varied and based mostly on being at the right place at that right time. Nevertheless, these can offer anywhere from hundreds of dollars to paying a full ride.

It is always important to utilize all your resources, especially when taking on the task of paying for college. With most things in life, do your homework today, and save yourself the time and effort tomorrow.

How to find scholarships?

How Long Does It Take to Become a Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioners are Registered nurses who have gone on for their Master’s Degree in Nursing (MSN) or Doctoral Degree in Nursing. At minimum Nurse Practitioners need six years of post-secondary education. A BSN (Bachelor’s degree in Nursing) followed by a Masters degree in Nursing, will take about 6 years, another 2 if a Doctoral degree is desired, depending on how long it takes to defend their thesis. Nurse practitioners are licensed Registered Nurses who have gone on for further specialization and further licensure.

Nurse practitioners can work independently of physicians, as well as working under the guidance of physicians. They can diagnose ailments, prescribe medications, administer these medications, and take patient histories. Nurse Practitioners can open up their own clinics and see their own patients. There is a downside to being a Nurse Practitioner, which comes in long hours, stressful situations and a variety of patients that you might have to treat.

Nurse practitioners can choose to specialize in different areas of medicine, and get a license for each specialty. Family Practice, pediatrics, emergency medicine, gerontology, cardiology, or urology. They can work in hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices, or without of any supervision from a physician. They can do what a Registered Nurse is capable of doing, but they also can do medical procedures that a physician can accomplish, such as minor surgery, reading test results and diagnosing medical problems based on the reading of these medical tests.

For many employers they represent a cheaper way to get quality medical care for their clientele, as nurse practitioners do not make the same salary as do Medical Doctors.

How Long Does a Medical Assistant Certification Last

The certification for a Medical Assistant is contingent on what organization has certified the applicant. There are two main organizations that certify Medical Assistants. Each require the passage of a certification exam, payment of a fee, and a way to remain certified. The American Association of Medical Assistants certification is considered the higher level certification. It requires that the Medical Assistant is a graduate of an accredited training program.

After taking and passing the Certification exam, a card is sent to the Medical Assistant that is good for 60 months. During that time period the Medical Assistants must take 60 continuing education points in this time period to remain certified. Ten must be administrative, ten must be clinical, ten may be general and the remaining 30 can be in any combination of the previous categories.

The other organization that certifies Medical Assistants is the American Medical Technologists(AMT). The certification they offer is only valid for three years, and allows the medical Assistant to be called Registered Medical Assistant. In order to keep this certification valid, within the three years a total of thirty continuing education credits must completed.

Ten credits a years can be earned by proving continued employment, verified by the employer. The continuing education classes can be taken at a university in a related field, such as biology, anatomy, every university credit hour will translate into 5 continuing education credits.

Whatever path the Medical Assistant chooses to satisfy their continuing educational requirements, there has to be verifiable proof given to the AMT that it was done.

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CNA Classes, Training And Certification in Rhode Island

You want to work in the medical field, because you have heard that the job security is high, how do you go about starting the process which will culminate in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Frequently Asked Questions to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant(CNA) in Rhode Island

What kinds of people make good CNA’s ? People who are committed to being helpful, compassionate people, who do not like to see people suffer, people who are patient, understanding and are not afraid of hard work, long hours, and low pay.

How do you find out what courses are required to take to become a certified nursing assistant? Again do your research and you will find nurse’s aide courses that are state approved, that you can sign up for.

What exactly does the Rhode Island training course cover as far as subject matter? The following topics are covered in the CNA training course in Rhode island; infection control, patient care, interpersonal communication, emergency response, CPR, Basic Life support, use of the AED, and basic nursing protocols.

What are some of the requirements for enrolling in a state approved CNA course? The applicant must pass a criminal background check; a behavior check may also be run if needed. Of course a fee must be paid, usually running between 400 to 800 dollars.

How long does the training course take? The CNA training course is 100 hours in length and must be completed in 90 days. There is a classroom portion and a clinical (manual) skills section which must be at least 20 hours. Most courses end up being more than this with the clinical practice that the students complete under the direction of their instructors or a registered nurse(RN).

What happens at the end of the training course? The applicant is then allowed to sit for the CNA final exam.

What is included on the exam? There is a written section and a clinical section which must be passed together to receive certification and be placed on the Nurse’s Aide registry.

Is there a way to avoid having to take the certification exam? Yes, if the applicant is a CNA from another state, and has certification in good standing from that state, they can petition Rhode Island’s Nurse’s Registry to be exempt from the exam. Also RN’s and Licensed Practical Nurse(LPN)’s can be considered exempt from the exam as well.

Does the Red Cross offer a lower priced training course? Yes, they do, for 35 dollars for running of a background check, which is refundable after the check is done, plus a fee of 100 dollars to sit for the exam, you can become a Certified Nurse’s aide, working in a medical facility within 90 days, if you pass the exam.

How long is the CNA certification good for in Rhode Island? Renewal must be completed every two years, or it will lapse.

How does one renew their CNA certification? A certified Nurse’s Assistant must have a minimum of eight paid working hours in the previous 24 months or the aide will be considered “inactive”.

Are there employers who will pay for a CNA’s recertification? Yes, often they will pay for renewal if the CNA is an active employee.

What is the result if a CNA is considered “inactive”? They cannot work until renewal is completed or the aide retakes the final exam.

Can CNA’s work independently of RN’s? No they cannot, they must take direction from RNs, LPNs, or MDs.

How can you receive free CNA training in Rhode Island? There are free Certified Nursing Assistant classes offered by nursing homes and other medical institutions.

Are there other ways to receive certified nurse’s training? Yes, for the classroom component, there are online classes you can take that will prepare you for the final exam. However for the clinical component, there is no online class that you can take. For the clinical section, only supervised practice under an instructor, RN, or LPN will do.

On average, how many certified Nursing jobs are there available at any one time? The answer in part, depends on where you want to work, and how much salary you are willing to accept. Certified nursing assistants are not very well paid medical employees. They are “bridge” employees. Not really a nurse, but they do have medical training that allows them to care for sick patients under the direction of a RN.

In Rhode Island is there a real difference between a Certified Nursing Assistant and a Patient Care Technician? Yes, there is, while in some states the job descriptions are very similar, in Rhode Island, they are two separate licenses. To become a PCT(Patient Care Technician) you have to take phlebotomy and EKG classes that are not covered on the Certified Nursing Assistant exam. And since the PCT has more responsibilities, their pay scale is higher than that of a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Is the job title of Certified Nursing assistant a new one? No, the term certified Nursing Assistant has been used for about thirty years, as a way to differentiate the job duties of RN’s and their assistants.

What is the average hourly salary for a CNA in Rhode Island? Depending on what shifts they work, and the location of their workplace (hospitals, correctional institutions, hospices, assisted living facilities), certified nursing assistant’s salaries range from a low of 12 dollars an hour to a high of 17 dollars an hour. They can do basic patient care, i.e. feeding patients, cleaning up patients, reading to patients, palliative care, making patients more comfortable, but no administering of medications, or changing of soiled dressings.

Is there a way for Certified Nursing assistants to make more money? Yes, with more education, it is not beyond the realm of the possible, that certified Nursing Assistants can become nurses, someday.

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How to Get Free CNA Training And Certification In Rochester, NY

You find free CNA training in Rochester, NY if you are willing to do your homework. If you do not have the financial resources to afford the tuition that is required, there is a program operated through the Rochester Educational Center that you might be able to qualify for.

Follow these steps to obtain CNA class and certificate for free with Adult basic Education

1. First you must arrange for an interview with the Rochester Employment opportunity center, and talk to them about scheduling the Adult basic Education (TABE) and a physical exam.

2. You must present a high school diploma or GED and two reference letters from professionals advocating for your acceptance into this program.

3. After taking the TABE, you must have a minimum 7.5 grade reading level and a sixth grade math level , these results along with an assessment of your financial ability will allow you to be considered for free CNA training.

4. A physician’s statement of your health is also required for consideration of this free training program. The CNA program is eight weeks long and is designed to prepare you to take the New York State certification exam. Upon passing the NY state certification exam, the Rochester Employment opportunity center, will help you find employment.

Another option is to take CNA classes at Monroe Community College. There you have the option of availing yourself of a variety of financial aid packages and taking online as well as classroom instruction. If you want to investigate the possibility of getting tuition reimbursement from your future CNA employer, then your final out of pocket cost might be lower, if not free.

During your training program you will learn about human anatomy, how to do basic patient care tasks. There are classes on how to feed patients who cannot feed themselves, how to change medical dressings, palliative care, and in some programs laboratory procedures are taught as well.

Depending on where you work, the terminology of CNA, Patient Care technician (PCT), home health aide (HHA) and hospital nursing assistant are interchangeable. The training classes might also include such skills as phlebotomy and EKG administration. It is conceivable that you will find employment quickly upon completion of the training course, as there is a great need for trained CNA’s in the Rochester area. Even if you do not manage to find free CNA training, the costs might be reimbursed by your employer, once you get a CNA job. Employers need CNA’s who have passed the certification exam and basically the only way you will be able to pass it, is having had taken the training classes.